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LIENS: What, Who and How Liens Affect an Injury Case

Details: The hospital submits a bill to your health insurance carrier and your health insurance carrier pays it, less any deductible, etc. Now, here is how the lien arises: when your health insurance carrier pays the hospital bill, your health insurance carrier has a legal right to obtain reimbursement for the money it paid to the hospital for your

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Payment Plan for Medical Bills Burman Law

Details: A payment plan for medical bills involves the following steps: Organize the overdue bills into manila or digital folders and put the name of provider who charged you on the manila or digital file. Find out who is the "bill collector" in charge for that provider. Look over your bills to see if health insurance failed to pay something you think

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Injury Law Burman Law Get Expert Advice Today Talk

Details: Our story begins with personal injury justice for all. Welcome. My name is Mike Burman. I am a trial attorney with 25+ years practicing personal injury and wrongful death cases in Kentucky and Tennessee. Personal injury and wrongful death law are all I do. The Burman Law story began in 1993 when I left a large law firm to start my own law firm.

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Medical Malpractice

Details: Medical malpractice cases arise when a doctor, chiropractor, pharmacist, or hospital employee or nurse, falls below the standard of reasonable care and skill expected under the circumstances. Medical malpractice comes about because of grossly improper treatment, the failure to remove a surgical instrument or sponge, a gross misdiagnosis

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Details: The plan may include laboratory and/or radiological tests ordered for the patient, medications ordered, treatments performed (e.g., minor surgery procedure), patient referrals (sending patient to a specialist), patient disposition (e.g., home care, bed rest, short-term, long-term disability, days excused from work, admission to hospital

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Need help with a Wrongful Death Claim

Details: You do not need any up front money for fees or costs. Burman Law fees are based on a percentage of 1/3 if the case is settled without a lawsuit, 35% if the case is settled during a lawsuit, and 40% if a trial starts. We can make immediate arrangements to visit at your kitchen table, in the hospital, or at the office within 24 hours of your contact.

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Details: The resulting hospital stay exceeds the driver's Family Medical Leave time off work, and suddenly, through no fault of her own, the driver is unemployed and injured, so trying to find another job adds to the stress. The injured driver experiences depression, anger and …

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