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How To: Payment Plans and Your Medical Bills The Easy Way

Details: When you are feeling under the weather and have to go to the doctor or, in extreme situations, the hospital, it’s not always clear what the final bill will be when it’s …

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How to Navigate Health Insurance Choices: Part 1

Details: Hospital and emergency room visits often have copays as well. Depending on your plan, you may owe coinsurance (see below) and/or the deductible on top of this copay, which is why it’s so important to read the fine print before you choose a plan. Coinsurance.

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How to Save For Emergency Medical Expenses

Details: Option 1: Save For Your Deductible. Typically, no matter what kind of medical emergency you might find yourself facing, the deductible you have with your health insurance is a pretty good starting point. If your deductible is $2,500, then I suggest you save enough in your sinking fund to cover that amount.

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Avoiding the Danger of Exhaustion: Scheduling Adequate

Details: It’s alarming that in the past six months there are 4 bloggers in my network who died of cardiac arrest, one had a nervous breakdown while one is currently confined in the hospital and the illness is still undiagnosed. Sometimes the bloggers don’t know the meaning of rest. Attending 5-8 events a day and then just having 2-3 hours sleep.

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Reset Your Budget Family Finances Made Simple Lemon

Details: At the beginning of May, I didn’t really think it mattered. Honestly, we had money in savings and enough of a buffer that we could spend what we wanted (reasonably) and not have to worry about it. With medical bills piling up and a long stay in the hospital, it was just easier to pay for things and not worry about categorizing them.

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3 Service Projects You Can Do With Your Kids

Details: 3 Service Projects You Can Do With Your Kids. As we look at our children and our parenting, I think most of us can say that raising kind, compassionate, loving children who care for the world is probably a major goal.

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How to Survive Baby's First Year Without Going Broke

Details: How to Survive Baby’s First Year Without Going Broke. I’m honored to be sharing this guest post with you today on Lemon Blessings! I blog over at Super Mom Hacks about all the parenting tips, tricks, and hacks I’ve learned the hard way – things that help parents save time, money, and/or their sanity. With my dear husband, I’m blessed to parent two wonderful girls, …

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So You Failed in Your Monthly Budget, Now What

Details: After finding out that we’d overdrafted our account, I’d lie awake at night feeling guilty for not being better with our finances and feeling like I’d failed our family. It was a terrible feeling, but one I knew well. If you’ve failed in your budget and are feeling guilty – step 1 to making it better is giving yourself some grace

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How To Cope When Parenting isn't Perfect

Details: Great advice. I agree we have to enjoy the good moments and be proud of what we have raised, But there are plenty of “other” moments… I loved the comment about the child that “cries all the time, that four-year-old talks back and says no in multiple syllables, and that preteen refuses to acknowledge our existence” – my brand new teenage daughter does all three!!

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